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Bethany Bonner Homes: Boston and Norfolk County
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Client Reviews

"Dearest Bethany, I deeply, deeply, appreciate all that you did in helping me to secure my first home. You are a gracious, honest and steadfast professional/person. EXCELLENT!!"
Valerie L.
"Bethany, Thanks for the great work and 'above and beyond' patience."
John and Barbara F.
"Bethany Bonner worked on selling my house. In a totally down market, I found Bethany to be very diligent and professional. I have felt very comfortable with her, she's led the process successfully to an offer pretty quickly. Bethany worked very hard for us. Also, I must say that Bethany is always very respectful of the seller's time and comfort throughout the process. Bethany never missed an opportunity to show my home or to contact me. I never had to chase Bethany, she is a great communicator and was in touch every step of the way. I encourage you to consider Bethany if you need a
successful sale of your home."
Susan R. and David B.
"As a first time home buyer, I needed all the help I could get
and Bethany really delivered. She gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to buy my first home."
Martha R.
"Bethany is a no nonsense, honest, energetic
and effective professional who delivers!"
Mark T.
"Bethany was a steady voice of reason for us. She always had our best interest at heart. Her passion, motivation and strong negotiating skills comforted us throughout the process."
Carolyn G. and Ryan K.

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Bethany Bonner Homes: Boston and Norfolk County
Bethany Bonner is a licensed Realtor in the state of Massachusetts.

Phone: (617) 320-5450    Fax: (508) 848-2161

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